Our Pools

Day-Use Pools

Day-use guests may use the clothing required or clothing optional pools anytime during their visit.  Each area has a foot pool that ranges around 100 degrees F, a soaking pool that is kept at about 102 degrees F, and an additional soaking pool that is kept at about 105 degrees F.   Daily hours are 10:00AM to 10:00PM.  We ring a bell at 9:45PM to alert Day-use guests that the gates will soon be locked and they need to exit the property. 

Overnight guests may use these pools any time during their stay.  

Private Pools

Faywood has four private pools that are available to rent by the hour on the hour.  

  1. The Big Dipper is kept around 102 degrees F and holds up to 10 people.  
  2. The Blue Moon is maintained at about  105 degrees F and holds up to eight people.
  3. The Watsu I is kept at about 107 degrees F and holds up to 10 people.
  4. The Jalapeno is a small fiberglass tub that holds up to 4 people and the temperature can be adjusted by the user.  

Group Pool

We have one large pool that holds up to 25 people that is called the Watsu II.  

It is wonderful for family gatherings or reunions.

The pool is individually fenced off and has its on bathroom, showers, changing rooms, tables and chairs.

The pool will attempted to be set to the users desired temperature between 100 and 107 degrees providing sufficient notification of rental time is provided.  

The minimum price per hour is $90.00 and covers the first six people.  We rent by the hour, on the hour.

Pool Cleaning

It is possible that a certain pool may not be available for your use on a certain day as all pools are routinely drained and cleaned to ensure a pleasant environment for all.  

Bath House Pool

There is a pool located in the rear of the Bath House that is reserved only for overnight guests.  There are three soaking pools, 100, 102 and 105 degrees F.  

Pool Rules

There is no smoking within 20 feet of the pools.

Glass containers are not allowed in the pool areas.

Eating or drinking while directly in the pools is not allowed.  

Pets are not allowed in pool area.

We ask that soakers talk in their "inside voices" so others can enjoy the solitude.